Behind the scenes of project Natrium

29 January 2016

Natrium – the end is close

From standard to beauty. From oversize to slim. From dark to shiny.

In every aspect the Kawasaki W650 has changed quite a bit. We are proud of what is leaving our atelier very soon.


Looking forward to closing this project and we will be glad to hand it over to Lukas.


24 December 2015

Project Natrium: Kawasaki 2.0


This Tuesday, we got to the final look of Lukas’ Kawasaki W650. Still – some adjustments are to be done.
But so far, this ist how she’s looking:

lighter, lower, leaner20151222_215732

We put on a hand made gas tank in alloy, fitting almost perfectly with the custom seat.
An alloy rear fender brings a really slim line to the Kawa. A Tracker handlebar along with black headlamp brackets…Tadaa!!! …oh shoot – the exhaust wrap, of course. Now all that’s left to do are the LED-mini turn signals – but they are so small, you won’t see them anyway.

And maybe we should get rid of that front fender…

Thanks for following us and our project.

Some more pics will follow…

Patrick & Rene

24 November 2015

Natrium – A new customer’s project just started off tonight

Lukas, our present customer gave his W650 Kawasaki in our hands over the winter.

Already, we could change the gas tank and seat. It makes a big difference already. Look how slim the new silhouette is!!
The gas tank Lukas brought in himself is hand made of Aluminum and fits (almost) perfect. What a piece of work for not-really-so-much-money!!

Still – some more work to do on this one. We are looking forward and are thankful for Lukas’ thrust in us.






Patrick & Rene