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21 May 2019

Ducati 750 SS for sale

Zu verkaufen: Stylerides Projekt Sulfur

CHF 4’190.00!!!

Ab MfK und FAKT-zertifiziert, servicegepflegt, zuverlässig und jederzeit bereit zur Probefahrt.
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7 August 2018

The beast

Our latest project, the Ducati 750 SS aka Sulfur, is running like hell and looking like a devil’s horse.

It is the latest creation of Stylerides Zurich. So we are the beastmasters and know how to tame it.

Do you dare? Get in on


11 May 2018

Sulfur is done!! The latest product of Stylerides is out on the streets. Part 3: Final Pics

Here some more pictures of Sulfur…enjoy

. IMG_1194


6 March 2018

Tricolore Italiane on Project Sulfur

Our Ducati 750 SS is now practically done. She’s running and screaming. Service is done and the final shape also. Some fine tuning still to do but basically ready. Ah yes – colorwise…some individual parts in green now.

Can’t wait to take her out and take final photos in a fresh environment!!

28 September 2016

Helium is sold

I’m note realy sure if I am happy, but…


Hey Adi have fun with it and ride it hard.

Rene & Patrick