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13 September 2018

TBZ 2018 #4: Ride out verschoben!


Voraussichtliches Datum: 14. Oktober 2018 11:00

9 August 2018

Chlorine comes to Zurich – “Le Mans”

After 10 years “off duty”, the engine needs to be checked first. Thanks to “Roli” from Cahenzli Motos for that job.

7 August 2018

“LeMans” – how it all started

Once up on a time, somewhere in a backyard… there it was this rusty old machine!

So far the update for the project “Chlorine”

14 March 2018

Guzzi Fuel Tank

A new freaky design… only a test

14 November 2017

Wires done – fire’s on

The wiring Sulfur is almost done. That son of a bitch took us quite some time…hours and hours of work as well as probably more than 500 kilometers of wire.

But: SHE’S ON! Shining like a star with that one-of-a-kind full LED light pattern.

Proud of our work so far and scared of all that lies before us😳. But it will be done and soon some more obvious changes chan be reported..

so far so good!!

13 November 2017

All new Colors for 2018 – The Gringos from Biltwell

14 August 2017

Summer is back – we’re taking a break

This week’s tuesday will be closed.


Patrick & Rene

17 May 2017

Moto Guzzi V7 – The Movie

29 April 2017

Ready to ride in style!

21 April 2017

Brand new – at the prize of a used one

We have a brand new Bell Bullitt RSD Viva in size Medium in stock.
It is NEVER used and still in the original carton.

Regular Prize is CHF 649.00
Spezial offer is CHF 550.00

Spring ist still to come…that son of a b&%ch!
So there is still time to get yourself that nice and not-so-often-seen helmet in that oh-my-goodness quality
at that you-must-be-joking price.

So, come by and buy!