Behind the scenes of project Hydrogen

19 May 2014

Hydrogen is sold

It was last Friday when a new relationship just started.
To us it seems as it was love at first sight.

It is not a Stylerides motorcycle anymore. It is Joel’s now.
But it will be running around Zurich’s streets and we won’t loose tracks.
Stylerides Zurich would like to congratulate Joel and wish safe riding!

You won’t be disappointed.


Stylerides Zurich

Patrick & Rene

24 April 2014

Hydrogen – the whole picture

IMG_5678 IMG_5677 IMG_5676 IMG_5674 IMG_5670 IMG_5669 IMG_5668 IMG_5667 IMG_5666 IMG_5665 IMG_5664 IMG_5663 IMG_5662 hydrogen-basislager-new

23 April 2014

Details of Hydrogen. BMW R80 RT Cafe Racer / Tracker

Here you can find all about what has been done to the original BMW R 80 RT.


Get all the details: Flyer_Hydrogen_2

But do not hesitate to call and ask for even more information.
Or just drop by (please call first) to take a ride, go to the bank, get some cash, buy the bike and have fun for the rest of your life :-)

9 April 2014

Extra, extra – read all about it!!

!!! BMW R 80 RT, Project “Hydrogen”, for sale!!!
After receiving a great deal of kudos for our first motorcycle project we decided to go fully street legal.

Different – that’s what it still is.
The bike ist completely street legal now and can be all yours!!
Come and get a test ride anytime!!

Find out what’s been done:

Check out the bike (at, then check your wallet, then dial our number :-)

You all have a great and save motorcycle season!
Stylerides Zurich

20 March 2014

Project Hydrogen – Chapter two

Our first motorcycle project, called Hydrogen, could be set on the road in mid 2013.

It was our idea to create a rather minimalistic bike…and it worked out really well. Not much left of all the original stuff.So, three came out an all new athletic silhouette!!

See and read all about it in the “Projects“-section.

But, since our guys from inspection do not really give a lot about emotions, diversity and individuality, we are left with no other option than to shift back a little and to turn the bike from radical to reasonable.

It is now our goal to pass inspection – many e-mails have been written, many calls done. But now we are (pretty!!) shure to match all the requirements.

So, it is our next goal to get that thing street-legal within the next few weeks!! And then we’ will put it on the market with also an all new price tag!!! So be prepared and share it with your friends.

Check it out!




7 June 2013

First steps into a bright future

First things first! In order to really get into it you will always have to get her naked. It’s the same with motorcycles. So, what we had to do was getting rid of all the plastic stuff.

Well – lets do this!!

Foto 2012-11-30 09.38.06 nachm.Foto 2012-11-30 09.36.55 nachm.Foto 2012-11-30 09.39.16 nachm. Foto 2012-11-30 09.40.18 nachm. Foto 2012-11-30 09.43.14 nachm. Foto 2012-11-30 09.43.32 nachm. putty download

2 June 2013

BMW R80 RT “The Original”

The following pictures might bring you an impression of how project Hydrogen looked, just before we started to strip most of the parts off. The original bike itself is a classy one – as you can see. Many eyes were already on it. Sometimes, nice things should not be changed – in this case, on the other hand, some “maintenance” did good.

But for now – enjoy this

Foto 2012-11-30 09.36.02 nachm.  Foto 2012-11-30 08.27.19 nachm.

Foto 2012-10-20 05.30.57 nachm.       Foto 2012-11-30 09.34.35 nachm.

17 May 2013

Hydrogen – Galerie

DSC00202 DSC00203 DSC00204 DSC00205 DSC00206 DSC00207 DSC00208