Behind the scenes of project Magnesium

21 July 2016

Time to say goodbye to Magnesium

Today, the Project called Magnesium has been handed over to the proud new owner. We are sure that the Yamaha XT550 will be seen soon around the area quite often.

Thanks for making business on a fair basis to Dominik!! We are sure that you will have lots of fun with your “Maggie”!

So, who’s next? :-)


7 June 2016

Got some new shoes…

As a final act, we put on some real moto-crossy looking tires on Magnesium, the Yamaha XT550.

Check out the very final look!

IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0717


17 May 2016

Magnesium – ready and running

After man-years of work, hundreds of design-studies, dozens of visuals and god only knows how many curses cried out…
But it was all totally worth it, ´cause now, the latest project is finished. Only some vintage moto cross tires will be thrown on within the next few days.

So – ask yourself: Why not riding an easy-peasey-sleeky-geeky-one-of-a-kind bike this summer for some really little money.

Yamaha XT550, 1982
The bike is totally street legal (INCLUDING exhaust by Marving). Last inspection was in May 2015.
Running really smothly with only some 50k Kms on.

All for CHF 3500.00

Check it out and let us know..we have much more information in case you’re interested.
Why not dropping by for a testride? More pics anytime

IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655

1 February 2016

A “soon-to-be-yours” opportunity

Project Magnesium, the Yamaha XT550, is still getting quite some treatment and after a complete makeover, it will hit the streets soon. Anyway, why not plan in advance and let you all know that this one will be for sale.

It’s an easy-riding mule, light-handling and low-seating with a nice torque. You’ ll love it. Price will be really nice, too.

If you are interested in the process, check on the project-site or get in contact with us.


Patrick & Rene



10 November 2015

Magnesium…getting there

Lots of hours of sweat, tears, blood, noise, drilling, welding, hammering… :-) see what’s the outcome!

Front end is done. Seat and rear fender is still to be discussed. Tank will most probably remain raw…

But – so far, we can tell that there is a basic shape coming to daylight.

stay tuned…

image image image

23 September 2015

Magnesium: Front part done

After yesterday’s working session, Stylerides Zurich consider the Yamaha XT550’s front end as done. Fender has been exchanged with a raw aluminum one. Front Lamp in black matte with a clear glass and, of course, a yellow bulb :-) New brackets as well.

The original handle bar has been power coated and now looks like new.




Next thing will be a little harder – the back part. And still no idea about the tank (don’t like but don’t find an alternative).

Keep you updated.

5 August 2015

Magnesium: Project Update

After yesterday’s working session: The Yam is getting even more naked…Rear cantilever swing arm has been some son of a bitch…! Still way to go…and no clear vision of what’s it gonna be in the end. But isn’t this part of the fun?

IMG_9320 IMG_9318 IMG_9322

24 July 2015

Magnesium – it’s a lightweight.

Our new Project has just been named MAGNESIUM.

Since this element is a real lightweight, the Yamaha XT550 will also come out as a tiny-shiny redux version of an enduro legend. First working session showed that there is not so much to tear off that bike.imageimage






Stylerides Zurich


15 July 2015

A new kid in town

Today, we are happy to have a new project joining our lineup:imageThis babe reaallyy needs to be kicked!! But once running – it’ just easy riding.

Keepin you in the loop.

Patrick & Rene