11 May 2018

Sulfur is done!! The latest product of Stylerides is out on the streets. Part 3: Final Pics

Here some more pictures of Sulfur…enjoy

. IMG_1194


14 November 2017

Wires done – fire’s on

The wiring Sulfur is almost done. That son of a bitch took us quite some time…hours and hours of work as well as probably more than 500 kilometers of wire.

But: SHE’S ON! Shining like a star with that one-of-a-kind full LED light pattern.

Proud of our work so far and scared of all that lies before us😳. But it will be done and soon some more obvious changes chan be reported..

so far so good!!

21 April 2017

Brand new – at the prize of a used one

We have a brand new Bell Bullitt RSD Viva in size Medium in stock.
It is NEVER used and still in the original carton.

Regular Prize is CHF 649.00
Spezial offer is CHF 550.00

Spring ist still to come…that son of a b&%ch!
So there is still time to get yourself that nice and not-so-often-seen helmet in that oh-my-goodness quality
at that you-must-be-joking price.

So, come by and buy!

16 February 2016

Ready when you are

We just finished stacking-up our shop with plenty of helmets.


Biltwell baby!! Gringos, Bonanzas and one Gringo S…

We now have small ones to large ones – even extra large ones!
From black to white – even hazard orange!
From flakes to glossy – even flat!

And we are selling those beauties at an unbeatable price
cash, credit or paymit.

Bonanzas will go for CHF 139.00*
Gringos are yours for CHF 169.00*
Gringo S sell at CHF 179.00*

*add CHF 10.00 for shipping within CH

Our shop is just full of it – so why not stopping by? Go ahead an try one on.
Treat yourself – ’cause spring is just around the corner.IMG_0246

We’ll be glad to help you.

Stylerides Zurich
IMG_0244 IMG_0243 IMG_0242 IMG_0241 IMG_0240 IMG_0239 IMG_0238 IMG_0237 IMG_0236 IMG_0235

11 February 2016

Biltwell – an all-american classic

Stay tuned for more spring-tacular news.


Have your head protected in style

24 December 2015

Project Natrium: Kawasaki 2.0


This Tuesday, we got to the final look of Lukas’ Kawasaki W650. Still – some adjustments are to be done.
But so far, this ist how she’s looking:

lighter, lower, leaner20151222_215732

We put on a hand made gas tank in alloy, fitting almost perfectly with the custom seat.
An alloy rear fender brings a really slim line to the Kawa. A Tracker handlebar along with black headlamp brackets…Tadaa!!! …oh shoot – the exhaust wrap, of course. Now all that’s left to do are the LED-mini turn signals – but they are so small, you won’t see them anyway.

And maybe we should get rid of that front fender…

Thanks for following us and our project.

Some more pics will follow…

Patrick & Rene

5 August 2015

Magnesium: Project Update

After yesterday’s working session: The Yam is getting even more naked…Rear cantilever swing arm has been some son of a bitch…! Still way to go…and no clear vision of what’s it gonna be in the end. But isn’t this part of the fun?

IMG_9320 IMG_9318 IMG_9322

15 July 2015

A new kid in town

Today, we are happy to have a new project joining our lineup:imageThis babe reaallyy needs to be kicked!! But once running – it’ just easy riding.

Keepin you in the loop.

Patrick & Rene