Behind the scenes of project Nitrogen

2 May 2015

Custom BMW R80 vs. R nineT

Classic bike meets modern racer

Thanks Tommy and Patrick for your visit @Stylerides.

Rene & Patrick

28 April 2015

Nitrogen: The final

It’s done! It’s alive! Out on the streets of Zurich.

We are proud of this latest Element.


Thank you, Patrick! We hope you are, too!

14 April 2015

Nitrogen…the final phase

Hi there!

Project Nitrogen is almost done…Rear fender, Speedometer, Front lamp and Exhausts are new.

IMG_8369 IMG_8368 IMG_8372

Talking about Exhaust…check it out:


Last things to do will be the Footpegs and a Mirror…wait and see – It’ll be ready to rock Oil Leak Rumble 2015!




19 February 2015

New Choke – No Joke: Project Nitrogen 2.0

To all those who thought that Nitrogen was done: Think again :-) We just can’t take our hands off that BMW.
And neither can Patrick G.! Thank you for another “Go”!

Many new ideas are to be realized. So, as a starter, we took off the cables of the chokes and replaced them with
these tiny little things:

IMG_8154            IMG_8144

to be continued…

Have a good one

Patrick & Rene

14 October 2014

Nitrogen update – 92′ BMW R 80



7 September 2014

All black – Nitrogen goes dark

ready to build up again!

IMG_1369 IMG_1370Rene & Patrick

24 August 2014

Nitrogen: Another update

Well, friends. First glimpse of what our customer’s project Nitrogen might going to look like. We have to say that he has some sort of good taste – don’t you agree…

But still – some work to do!!


IMG_6695 IMG_6699 IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6700 IMG_6704

22 July 2014

Nitrogen gets saddled!

Well folks – here’s a photographic update.

IMG_6523 IMG_6526 IMG_6528 IMG_6534 IMG_6536

8 July 2014

Put the thing together again…

Views on another successful working session!


3 July 2014

men at work…

Das Projekt Nitrogen nimmt Formen an!