Stylerides Zurich – the name says it all: Everything is about rides! More accurately, it’s all about motorcycles, individual looks, lifestyle, joy and last but not least, friends.
We believe that big interventions are not always required to lend a nondescript bike a personal note and character. We think customizing cannot be equated with shiny bling-bling fuss and fringed jackets… You can get these things off the shelf.
Individuality starts in detail: Let’s point out the characteristic details of our bikes and focus on the essentials.

We want to prove: less can be more and there is no demand for unnecessary expense!
This requires that there is no need to “treat” the engine nor to conduct electrical experiments. Our bikes are designed to awaken the joy of individuality in you. Our goal is to build unique bikes which are suitable for everyday use anyway.
We want you to enjoy riding and to share our lifestyle with you.