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21 May 2019

Argon – Front end under construction

getting there

21 May 2019

Argon in the house!!

Well hello beauty! This is our latest project. It’s Jerome’s Honda CB250. It’s gonna be called Project Argon. It’s gonna be an awesome lightweight Cafe Racer of the very finest sort!!



11 May 2018

Sulfur is done!! The latest product of Stylerides is out on the streets. Part 3: Final Pics

Here some more pictures of Sulfur…enjoy

. IMG_1194


8 May 2018

Sulfur is done!! The latest product of Stylerides is out on the streets. Part 1: The making of

Finally! Exactly one year after introduction of our newest buy, one long and cold winter and many Tuesday evenings in our atelier, it is finally time to spread the message: “It is done”! We are proud to present you the latest element “Sulfur”.

That bike came to us as a Ducati 750 SS Carenata in a technically splendid shape. With an engine running smoothly and not losing any of its fluids: that means something – after all it’s an italian bike :-) So we took her in and welcomed her in our beauty salon.

It was clear to us from the beginning, that it had to be a cafe racer. There ist no frame an in-line Vee-Two that has more character and legend around it as the Ducatis. This needs to be shown to the world. So all the body-parts (Carenata) flew off at first. From there, one leaded to another…and in the end, pretty much every cable had to be changed. You don’t really see it – but we can tell. Took us dozens of hours to get that clean and still very technical look. Sometimes heaven – sometimes hussle!!

But why writing so much…see for yourself.




17 May 2017

Sulfur – the new italian project

Our first Ducati joined the pack just some weeks ago: A nicely maintained 750 SS of 1992. That babe seems to be in mint condition – a bit bitchy when running, but running like hell.

…and the diva has been given some treatment, alteady…

…and turning into a mean and pure cafe-racer driving machine…

8 December 2016

Silicone – getting there…

Some more significant work has been done! Exhaust Wrap in shiny bronze will bring some glam to the Project Savage. By the time, the tissue is all dried out und baked, it will be much more shiny.


In the meantime, we could also finish the one-of-a-kind-special-custom-made rear frame which perfectly matches and, in combination with the brat-style seat, toooootally changes the look!

Kudos to Patrick Liechti, couldn’t be done without you!

20161129_213633 img_1661

soooo, we guess, we’re on track with this one…

Enjoy your weekend!

28 November 2016

Status-update on Silicone

Little by little, step by step, piece by piece…
Some more things are done or almost done.

Gone are the handlebar risers…but we are gonna need a new style of handlebar…
20161122_213644Since the rear fender is gone out the window, a custom-mad type of mudguard and electric mount plate is in place…

20161122_213604The gas tank has undergone an total makeover – it is now much sleeker, not so “Savagy” anymore…still quite a way to to…

img-20161122-wa0003But, as we said…still a long way to go…20161122_213553

we’ll keep you posted.
Patrick & Rene

10 November 2016

Silicone: A sparkling start

Hi guys

Lately, we started with modifying the gas tank. We guess you must admit, that those things are really not the most beautiful part of a Suzuki Savage…Soooo….why not grabbing a flex and start doing what’s to be done?

20161108_205313 20161108_212355

We will show you the final outcome at a later stage. There is still a lot to be done – and it is not as easy as expected. But in the end, everything will be good. And if it is not good – then it’s not the end :-)


Rene & Patrick


29 January 2016

Natrium – the end is close

From standard to beauty. From oversize to slim. From dark to shiny.

In every aspect the Kawasaki W650 has changed quite a bit. We are proud of what is leaving our atelier very soon.


Looking forward to closing this project and we will be glad to hand it over to Lukas.


24 December 2015

Project Natrium: Kawasaki 2.0


This Tuesday, we got to the final look of Lukas’ Kawasaki W650. Still – some adjustments are to be done.
But so far, this ist how she’s looking:

lighter, lower, leaner20151222_215732

We put on a hand made gas tank in alloy, fitting almost perfectly with the custom seat.
An alloy rear fender brings a really slim line to the Kawa. A Tracker handlebar along with black headlamp brackets…Tadaa!!! …oh shoot – the exhaust wrap, of course. Now all that’s left to do are the LED-mini turn signals – but they are so small, you won’t see them anyway.

And maybe we should get rid of that front fender…

Thanks for following us and our project.

Some more pics will follow…

Patrick & Rene