Behind the scenes of project Boron

29 October 2014

Stylerides Projects at the Neuchatel Exhibit






See all the pics here!

8 November 2013

Lotta gold n’ bling-bling!!

Don’t worry! The Triumph T100R is not going to look completely different. After a smooth make-over there will be just some minor changes.

IMG_5014 IMG_5056 IMG_5057 IMG_5143

We’ll just add some colors to it: Some silver, some gold and that’s it.

Front-end will get a new (satin black) bar. Handles will be more sparkling. Only the rear-end will look al little different – Here’s a sneak preview!


We’ll keep you updated on this.

Patrick & Rene

25 September 2013

Project Boron: A new Star is bor(o)n…

Our BMW R80RT is finished, running and roaring…yet still for sale. Now that there is a new gap and a lot of space in our “Atelier d’ excellence”, we decided to give a make-over to that lovely lady: A Triumph T100R Daytona. So we start our next project, called Boron.

What it will be in the end is yet unknown…well, let’s say a mystery. We will let you all know in time.

For the moment, enjoy some impressions of how it will not look any longer:

IMG_1825 IMG_1838 IMG_1827